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There is Hope in Action

I know you’re frustrated. There are so many issues students, teachers and families are struggling with. How can you make a difference? 
1. Vote. Register to vote and then do it. Only 8% of Austinites voted in the last election. We must do better if we want elected officials to represent our views.
2. Find out who represents you and keep their contact info. We have more contact information for other roles in our contacts section
3. Send emails, write postcards or letters, and call those representatives with your personal stories, hopes, dreams, solutions, worries, and real-life challenges. 
(Be kind, be fair, be honest, and be true to your own story. Our representatives can’t and don’t know everything – they need our help to fill in the gaps. Help them understand what you know.)
4. Join ACPTA and other groups that share your values or sentiments. Non-partisan, non-profits are your best source of real information and, working together with like-minded organizations, you can multiply your effect without having to multiply your effort. 
(We are working on a more complete list but you can get started on our Resources page.) 
5. Talk to your friends and share what you know. Share your knowledge, experiences and advocacy efforts. Courage is contagious – spread the word. 
Thank you for taking this step and be ready for the long-haul. Advocacy is a marathon, not a sprint. Take care of yourself along the way but be prepared to stay engaged, involved and vocal. Changing the world is a big lift and it’s going to take all of us to make it happen. 

ACPTA Advocacy Google Group - Stay On Top of What’s Happening in Public Education​

Are you concerned about safe school openings? Class size? Special Ed support? School funding? Testing? Do you want to know what is happening in our district or state that affects our students, teachers and schools? The ACPTA Advocacy Google Group is where experts share information, non-partisan non-profits share insight, and parents and teachers go to find information to share with their schools and communities.
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