Back the Future

The ACPTA Resource Directory for 2018-2019 (in English) and the Directorio de Recursos Back the Future 2018-2019 (en español) are available!  You can use them online or download them for free.

More than 100 organizations are included. These groups chose to be part of this year’s Back the Future event because they want to connect with your PTA, with families and students, and with your campus community. This guide makes it easy to plan PTA programs and events to help parents learn how to support student success, and to help your PTA strengthen your campus community.

You will find something here for every age group, and almost every interest or need that your campus community has. At the end of this guide, you will find resources listed by topic, language, age group and more. Many of the services and programs are completely free. More than half of the groups listed offer services and programs in Spanish. And many also offer services and programs in other languages.

Topics range from fun to serious. You will find resources to support STEM education and literacy. You will find support for student mental health and juvenile justice issues. You will find help for fun family events and student field trips. And you will find resources to offer programs for parents about topics as varied as supporting a love of reading and writing, saving and planning for college, keeping kids safe and healthy, exploring the arts, and much more. If a group does not offer a specific PTA program that you would like to see, please ask them if they will create one for you. Many will say yes!

The Austin Council of Parent & Teacher Associations (ACPTA) invites you to Back the Future of Austin on September 22 by backing Austin ISD’s students. Back the Future is a free and fun event that brings together students, families, and PTA leaders from 114 PTAs in 130 Austin ISD schools. Together, we serve more than 80,000 students. Successful students are everyone’s business, and successful schools build a successful community for all of us who call Austin home.

Please join us! It’s an opportunity for AISD families and PTA leaders to connect with great organizations like yours that are working with young people to create a great future for Austin.

This invitation offers details about the event and opportunities for vendors.

Please register online to help us Back the Future of Austin!

As of September 7, 2018:

Back the Future Confirmed Exhibitors

Back the Future Confirmed Exhibitor Activities

Thank you for joining us, and for all that you do for Austin’s kids!