ACPTA's Open Letter to Texas Leaders

the three issues we are urging leaders to prioritize during the pandemic

What we Believe in

To make every child’s potential a reality in Austin.


Who we are

Austin Council of PTAs includes all Austin ISD PTAs. We work in partnership with Texas PTA and National PTA to make every child’s potential a reality.


What we do

ACPTA hosts general membership meetings and provides training’s, workshops, board orientations, and many opportunities to connect with other PTA leaders, the district, and the community in Austin.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." - Margaret J. Wheatley


Raise your voice on local and State education issues.


Learn more about our initiatives, including our Mini Grant program for local PTAs.


Access our repository of resources to help drive your PTA's success.

ACPTA Calendar

Grow your PTA with ACPTA

Your investment in ACPTA each year goes towards important PTA officer training events, various aspects of organizational support, and enable us to provide educational scholarships to graduating seniors in Austin. Join us in our effort to impact Austin.

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