Austin Fun + Learning

ACPTA has a new way to support local students by supporting local businesses. It’s called Austin Fun + Learning, and it’s a win for students, a win for some of our favorite local businesses and a win for Austin’s future!

How does it work?

Step 1: You support favorite local stores by choosing items to buy and donate. Stores give you a discount of 10-15%. (Click here for a list of stores and discount codes.)

Step 2: Volunteers pick your donations up from participating stores and deliver them to students at Austin ISD food distribution sites.

Step 3: Students enjoy new opportunities for fun + learning, at a time when every kid needs that more than ever!

Thank you for supporting this project! And thank you to the local businesses and not for profits who are collaborating with us! Our not for profit collaborators include Austin Voices for Education & Youth, Austin Partners in Education and Marathon Kids.

Other ways to give

Here are some other ways that you can support this project:

  • If you want to help deliver donated supplies to families – safely and at a distance – please volunteer with us!
  • If you have gently used or new books and new school supplies, you can drop them off at several Austin locations. (Coming soon.) Please sort books by approximate level before you donate: picture books, grades 1-3, grades 3-5, middle school and high school. There will be a box for each. We know this is imperfect, but it will streamline the process for volunteers. Thank you.
  • You can donate items through ACPTA’s Amazon wish list. Please ship to 8124 Amelia Cove Austin, TX 78750 so we can deliver your donation to students in need.
  • If you’re a local business that sells things that encourage fun + learning, we would love to to have you join this project. Please email