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ACPTA’s mini-grant program supports and empowers campus PTAs with small budgets and big ideas. We encourage your PTA to apply!

Please read all materials before you begin your application. The Overview and Guidelines Document will help you create a proposal with the best chance of success.

Your application can be completed on paper or online

Is your PTA interested in applying but unsure what to apply for? We have a list of ideas to get you started. You can also see examples of two successful applications, one from Small Middle School PTA and one from Travis ECHS PTA.


Grants are available in two amounts: up to $250 and up to $500. PTAs must meet the eligibility guidelines (from the overview and guidelines document above) to apply. ACPTA is available to help your PTA if you need support to become eligible.

The application process is designed to be simple and easy to complete. It requires some thought and planning by your PTA board. iIt requires some information about what the program you hope to offer will look like, how much it will cost and what the benefits will be to your campus community. 

We encourage all PTAs to apply. Priority is given to certain proposals:

We will consider all proposals from PTAs that are eligible, and we encourage PTAs to submit applications for any program that you feel serves your campus community and the mission of PTA to support student success by engaging families.

ACPTA has two annual deadlines for grant proposals, one in the spring and one in the fall.   Any proposal turned down because funds are not available can be resubmitted during the next funding cycle for consideration.

Applications can be written in English or in Spanish. We’re not looking for fancy language or long essays. The important thing is to have a clear idea of what you want to do and why that matters to your campus, and to share that in the application.

All grant recipients must document their winning programs with receipts showing how the funds were spent and with photos of the event that can be shared by ACPTA and AISD. Any grant money not used for the program must be returned to ACPTA.

Before you apply

The application

Before you apply, be sure you have a plan in place, the documents you need and an idea of how you will answer the application questions. Once you have those things, your application will probably take less than an hour to complete.

Your application can be completed on paper or online. Remember that you don’t need to write anything long or complicated. Just tell us what your PTA wants to do, explain why you think it’s important and share a few more things about your PTA. Thanks for applying, and good luck!

Questions? Please email